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Happy Father's Day!

By Bakerquigs @bakerquigs

"Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad."
Whilst researching ideas for this blog post, we stumbled upon this quote and realised this basically says it all.
Probably everyone has the memory of a moment where your dad just knew exactly what to do or what to say and how to cheer you up after a bad day or how calm you down when you were stressed out. These moments will be in our hearts forever and remind us that we always have our family looking out for us.
Today is dedicated to all the loving fathers who always put us first and made us feel special. We want to thank you for always being there and shaping us as the people we are today, thank you for knowing better and not always giving in to our will and thank you for believing in us.
Okay okay we will stop with the cheesiness.
Happy Father's Day!
Well, when it comes to gifts, it really does not matter how much money you invest its just the thought that counts and your dad will be happy to hear from you if it is in person or you just give him a call.So don't worry if you do not have any brilliant ideas for a gift, you are the best gift to your dad.
Woah, we will stop now, promise!
Below we have collected some special fathers day things that you might enjoy!
Happy Father's Day!Happy Father's Day!  We also got some ideas concerning special cards to give to your awesome dad. But we understand that these are probably not exactly what your looking for.
Happy Father's Day!
Hopefully, you do not have to put up with these sayings anymore, but if you do, just for today, act like it doesn't bother you!
So for father's day, give your dad a nice sweet treat, whether it's breakfast in bed or a delicious cake.
Happy Father's Day!
He's earned it because let's be honest raising you probably wasn't just a piece of cake.
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