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Green Powder

By Sue15cat
Green Powder
'Legaleagle' asked me about the 'green powder' I mentioned on the Nutribullet post the other day.  So I took this photo of the jar of it in the cupboard to show her as I couldn't remember what it was properly called.
Image result for holland and barrett, green powder
Then I went in Holland and Barrett today and had a look at the packs on the shelves, and guess what it is called ..... 'Green Powder'  :-)
Green Powder
It struck me as I took the photo of the cupboard how things have changed in my cupboards over the past few months.  There are products in there that I wouldn't have dreamt I would be eating a few years ago.  Although the 'Bisto' is a constant.
Green Powder
The gap at the front is usually filled with this jug full of tomato and garlic pastes.
Sue xx

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