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Green Benefits for LPG Conversion

Posted on the 14 November 2012 by T_mackinnon @tedmackinnon

LPG conversion has some really great significant environmental and financial advantages. LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas and is a mixture of propane and butane, being a fuel option since propane has been used as transportation fuel more than 80 years ago.

With petrol prices increasing all the time and clouds of smog covering our cities LPG car conversions are becoming a valuable alternative fuel option. People these days are more and more concerned with the damage caused to the atmosphere and the high level of air pollution we breath in as a result.

The greenhouse gas and the low carbon content produced by LPG vehicles is significantly less if we compared to petrol. While an engine running on petrol for 100 km emits 22,000 grams of CO2, the amount of CO2 released by a LPG vehicle is 16,000 of CO2. That’s why the number of alternative fuel vehicle sales in North America in 2011 rise the amount of 39,000 and is likely to grow approximately 350,000 units by 2020.

Another advantage of running on LPG for the North American pockets is the considerably lower prices of the auto gas. If we compared with petrol the LPG fuel is half of the price of petrol and diesel, therefore, even if you are considering to do a LPG conversion you will recover all the expensive in a short period of time. Besides, alternative fuel taxes are reduced for those who own an LPG car.

The ability of doing a LPG conversion is a skill that takes years of experience. First thing to do is to look for a work shop which guarantees a good results. Make sure that the components of the engine system for the conversion are designed in complete harmony with the OEM engine to maximize the benefits of the gasoline engine.

Rail Spa is an international supplier of components of gas systems and autogas engine components as rail injectors and assembly coil providing high quality products. Make sure your workshop always works with high quality products to ensure the benefits of running with LPG fuel.

Green Benefits for LPG Conversion
Green Benefits for LPG Conversion

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By Tariq Ali
posted on 14 December at 13:20
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The concern over low gas pressure has become very serious among people. Government should take this issue under serious consideration. Also, LPG should be promoted as a safer and greener fuel for both domestic and commercial use.