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By Daisyjd

Gracie turns 2 on Sunday which is beyond hard to fathom- two years, how in the world, but there is no denying it. She is at a supremely fun age right now, or at least the good is very good (the bad is….woof). A few Gracie-isms in honor of the upcoming birthday:

1. The other day she was taking care of Coco, her baby doll. She has a little feeding and diapering set with cloth wipes so she was feeding her “yogurt” and then wiping her off. “I wipe yo face….I wipe yo arm…I wipe yo wist….” and then she leaned over in a faux whisper loudly informed Coco, “Don’t eat yo boogers.”

2. She loves singing. She sings most prolifically on the car ride home from day care and when she should be going to bed. Favorites include the ABC’s, B-I-N-G-O, If you are Happy and You Know It, Teddy Bear Teddy Bear, Let It Go (chorus on repeat), No More Monkey’s Jumping On the Bed, and I Love You, You Love Me (sigh).

3. She really loves watching Frozen, Tangled, and Daniel Tiger. We try to limit her tv, movies are only on the weekends and Daniel Tiger once or twice during the week. But it doesn’t stop her from asking!

4. She sleeps with a menagerie. Specifically: Coco, Piggie, Elmo, Elsa, Anna, Sven, Goat, Cow, White Sheep and sometimes Green Monkey. She also needs soft blankie, blankie, and red blankie. It is a process.

5. She loves yogurt and granola, applesauce, most fruit, and any kind of carbohydrate. She still refuses to eat veggies at home, but she eats a serving a day at school so I try not to push it. She calls pasta dishes “pasta noodles” no matter the shape of the pasta in questions. We have still never given her juice, she loves milk and water.

6. She often asks “You ok?” if she perceives you are frustrated. She says “Bless you” when people cough or sneeze, and “Tank you” after any compliment. She is obsessed with having some ice for her boo boos and will make up boo boos in hopes of getting some ice. She loves wearing one plastic glove at daycare, Michael Jackson style. At home she has two strands of Mardi Gras beads that are her necklaces.

7. She loves to have tea parties and to feed her baby Coco and her animals with her feeding set. She loves reading books, especially the “funny elephant” book (Elephant and Piggie).

8. We are working on listening with our ears, and she certainly has her willful moments. She is very familiar with the rug she has to sit on for time out.

9. When she isn’t listening she closes her eyes and then opens them very slowly like “Oh! Look! Here we are! Were you speaking to me? I wasn’t sure.” which makes it very hard to deal with as you try to conceal your laughter.

10. She is a total joy that we can’t imagine life without. Full stop.


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