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Gone Not Forgotten

By Brisdon @shutuprun

You may or may not have seen this, and you may or may not care, but if you have the December issue of Runner’s World, go get it. Now turn to page 80 and look at the bottom under “Gone not Forgotten.”


The Virtual Run for Sherry was one of those moments in life that stands still. Surreal. Powerful. It’s probably one of the more meaningful things I’ve done. I still get chills thinking about thousands of people all over the world running in her memory on the same day. Ultimately it was YOU all who brought the most meaning to that day by showing up. So, thank you. And, thanks to Runner’s World for bringing attention to Sherry’s story.

When I went to Montana in March for Sherry’s funeral, her mom pulled me aside and said, “Honey, you did something so good. You brought Sherry to the world.” I am proud of that. Gone in the physical sense, but definitely not forgotten. Never.

{Speaking of virtual runs, there is one being held to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. Go HERE for more details}.


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