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Go Hard Or Go Home (to Bed, by 9pm)

By Parentalparody @parental_parody
Today #1Hubby returns home with The Twin Tornado in tow.
I will attempt to muster up a bit of a misty eyed look.
I’ll try and hide my smirk.
I will refrain from any wooing or hooing while he’s in earshot.
He has to go back to work and super stupidly generously agreed under sufferance to take the Twin Tornado back with him a few days early, giving me a few days off.
Clearly he was either drunk or I’d just promised him a lap dance I had no intention of making good on.
Go hard or go home (to bed, by 9pm)
So as he returns home to work, I’ll be heading to Sanur with just Miss7 to care for.
Plus the #1Grandparents and #1Brother, because they totally count as often whiney dependents.
I’ve already organised for the #1Grandparents to have a roll-away bed in their room, unbeknown to them.
For four nights #1Brother and I plan to party like a pair of energetic seniors.
Go hard or go home (to bed, by 9pm)
Hit it hard early, then excuse ourselves by 9pm to sleep it off while the young ones are only just getting started?
Go hard or go home (to bed, by 9pm)
Yeah, like that.
I’m going all out, but only until 9pm when I need a Panadol and sleep.

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