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Giving Thanks.

By Bloomer14 @Bloomsaturation
Its that time of year people. My heart could explode from all the things I'm so overly grateful for. Ever since I've moved to AZ I've had SO many amazing opportunities and experiences. I teach a fun and inspiring makeup course, my boyfriend and I have enjoyed living in two gorgeous places that help the desert feel like home, I've been able to pursue my blog on a bigger level, and I've had more freelance makeup work in the last year than the previous 4 years. Can't complain much can I? And all the while, I've had a great man in my life backing me up and supporting me through and through so I can achieve my dreams. I am one lucky lady! While all of those things are amazing, I can't help but think of all the small little day to day things in life that really fill me up. Here is a small glimpse for you. I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving this year and enjoy time spent with loved ones.
Giving Thanks.{Little local joints in PHX that really give a fun sense of culture and community. Above: Nami}
Giving Thanks.{Delicious soy lattes from another amazing local joint, Songbird Coffee and Teahouse}
Giving Thanks.{I'm overly grateful that I own ONE lipstick my boyfriend loves every time I wear it, Budding Love}Giving Thanks.{I can't even begin to count my blessings. I love my career and feel so inspired and fortunate everyday.}
{And of course, my boyfriend. I love our life together.}Giving Thanks.

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