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Getting Back Into the Groove! [Updates + New Puppy!]

By Beauteandtheblog
Hello all! I know I've disappeared for a little bit lately, but I have been responding to emails and such as best I can. It's been such a busy time lately, and I know I've pushed my blog to the corner a little bit. But rest assured, I'm sweeping off the cobwebs and I'm getting back into the groove to start posting again. I have a lot of posts planned, so keep an eye out!
You guys have emailed me some awesome suggestions for future posts, and I've definitely taken them into consideration, so look out for those! If you have anything you want to see featured on here, shoot me an email and I'll see what I can do!
Alrighty well, since that's all I really wanted to say, how about some pictures of my new puppy? :D <random>
Meet Charlie!
Getting Back Into the Groove! [Updates + New Puppy!]
Getting Back Into the Groove! [Updates + New Puppy!]
I rescued him a few weeks ago, and he's been a great addition to the family! He's an adorable little miniature schnauzer with a big bold personality! Those big brown eyes love the camera, so he might just sneak into some future posts ;)
Well anyway, thanks for stopping by! Keep an eye out for some more posts and more Charlie!
Puppies and Groovy moves,

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