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Get Happy High - Not Horrible High

By Allthingssixx @allthingssixx
Friday is the busiest day in its own way, for the world is making merry for the weekend that has almost arrived. Plans are being made in every bay at work and the possibilities of drinking joints are being argued. 
Inspired from some of the most unusual tales that I have heard in my circle of friends and colleagues that can happen only post an alcohol night, I thought its best to summarize all the lessons learnt to have a Happy High and not a Horrible High experience.
  • Giving your credit card to someone else for paying. You may surely regret it later.
  • Dialing your ex to let them know how much you miss them
  • Telling your friends the nitty-gritty details of your love life.
  • Puking right where you are (or worse, on the person closest to you). Now seriously people, get familiar with the way to the restroom before hand so that you may rush there if need be.
  • Getting eccentric like constantly speaking about yourself. Trust me, no one cares. They too are almost as drunk as you are.
  • And Driving, of course. Though DUI in India is not considered even close to as serious an offense as in most other countries, but that by no means, makes it acceptable. Respect others' and your own Life, and call a cab.

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