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German TV Fail: Star Trek's Maquis Not Involved In Bin Laden Mission

By Gerard @presurfer
German TV Fail: Star Trek's Maquis Not Involved In Bin Laden Mission
German news channel N24 had a major image fail. While covering the US Navy SEALs operation to kill Osama bin Laden they mistook a Star Trek fan-made emblem for the Maquis for the actual SEAL Team Six emblem. At one point N24 host Mick Locher showed off what he thought was the official emblem for SEAL Team Six.
Locher didn't seem to notice that the skull in question was from a Klingon and included a bolted-on eyepatch. He and N24 also appear undeterred by the emblem's inclusion of a phaser, 3 Klingon bat’leth swords and the word 'Maquis.'The Presurfer

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