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Function Vs. Aesthetics

By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick
 I am usually guilty of being on the aesthetic side of this argument most of the time. Be it pretty but painful shoes, or a striking chair that feels like you have a rod up your back when you sit on it for more than 5 minutes-  I will champion for the visually pleasing always.
But sometimes I just have to wave the white flag too. I have been trying to make my shaggy Beni rug work in my office for a week now. The poor thing has been in every room of my house practically! Its just really thick, sheds like a German Shepard and my office doors jam on it as do my chairs.  So after the 10th time of getting tangled up in it, I had enough.
Function vs. Aesthetics  This morning I ran down to the basement and dragged this tribal dhurrie into my office: Function vs. Aesthetics Despite the the fact that I was loving a pink and yellow office, I do like the pink/reds/rusts thing happening.  So much so, I even committed by painting  my lamps a burnt red too... Function vs. Aesthetics  Of, and for those of you asking about how the wrapping paper/ wallpaper was going... its up... Function vs. Aesthetics Two words: Spray adhesive. worked like a charm, and allowed me to reposition - just do it outside b/c it makes you high as a kite, therefore I forgot to take how to pictures-  I sprayed the backside of the paper, not the wall, and just smoothed it on. I will get back to you on how easy it is to take down or paint the walls under it when I get bored and change it in about 6 months. 
In the mean time here is my new color inspiration from my Pinterest to finish this bitch up: Reds, pinks, oranges and burgundyness Function vs. AestheticsFunction vs. Aesthetics
Function vs. Aesthetics
Function vs. AestheticsFunction vs. Aesthetics See, not done:  my desk area/wall is looking lonely and sad and quite unruly Function vs. Aesthetics (thinking major art wall and heavy organizing.)
off to work now later

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