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Fumbling My Way to Supporting the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood

By Janehspark

So the thing about live TV is that there are no takebacks, as I’m sure James Franco learned the hard way.  We were invited to be on New Day this morning with the very lovely Margaret Larson.  Margaret has the purposeful engagement of someone who knows what she wants to be doing, as evidenced by her departure from TV to work for Mercy Corps and subsequent return to a show with her positive ideas and philosophy all over it.

But midway through, I became tongue tied trying to remember an important fact about pregnancy and mortality that I wanted to share because 5% of the sales of our Anti-Aging Mani Care Set for Mom go to benefit the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood. What I wanted to say is that isn’t it appalling that pregnancy is one of the leading causes of death for women in the developing world.  That one in 16 women in subsaharan Africa die of complications due to pregnancy and childbirth, instead of 1 in 4300 in Europe.  But instead, I looked blank, then what came out was something like, “women dying.  Killer women.  Sad women.  Moms.  Babies.  Killing. ”  All the while my mind was reaching out in empathy for James Franco (which is maybe why it was working EVEN SLOWER).  I haven’t watched the video footage yet, so I can’t be absolutely sure about how it came out.

But it is so frustrating to have a great opportunity to promote an incredibly important cause that you care about and not be able to put your best foot forward.  But I will learn from this – I need to go to sleep earlier before live TV events instead of staying up making changes on our new website (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE).

And maybe we should cut James Franco some slack.  Maybe he’s juggling a lot – like the equivalent of a new website and kids and trying to sell his house that cut into his sleep the night before.   Maybe he cares a lot but just couldn’t convey it at that very moment on live TV . . .


Actually – I just made Susie watch the clip with me – it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. So James, maybe you weren’t so bad either!

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