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Fruity People Collage

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Fruity People CollageOne CA Visual Art Standard centers around how to create feelings with one’s own artwork. This book “How Are You Peeling?” is full of some very creative photographs of fruit and vegetables, all made to reflect a wide variety of emotions. Reading it first helps to make connections that certain shapes can look a lot like faces, when using one’s imagination.1. I’ve collected some photographs of fruit and vegetables, the low resolution type that are free for comp making. You can download the 2-page file HERE. Print as many copies as needed on inkjet paper.2. I recommend that the students start by choosing a large shape to make the head, then the body, legs, arms, and finally details on top.3. After all the body parts are collected and laid out, they are glued down with a glue stick.CA Arts Standard: Creative Expression. 2.5 Use lines in drawings and paintings to express feelings.

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