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Friday: Talisman

By Wardrobeoxygen
Friday: Talisman Friday: Talisman Friday: Talisman Friday: Talisman Friday: Talisman Dress: c/o Gwynnie Bee (learn more about Gwynnie Bee)
Belt: Another Line (similar)
Jewelry: See below
Tights: Nordstrom
Booties: Miss Sixty (similar)
This has been quite a week. In some ways it has been great – did some great stuff at work, had a lovely evening last night with fellow bloggers, heard some great blog-related news (that I promise I will share as soon as I can). But then it was a really tough and very sad week. Wednesday, we had a vet come to the house to assess the situation with our dog Alfie and he agreed it was time to let him go. We’re so happy we could have it happen in our home so he didn’t have to go to a strange place and shiver on a metal examination table, and we knew he wasn’t happy but it’s still so upsetting. Alfie was Karl’s dad’s dog; yes, he also had Cindy but Alfie was with him for about eight years before Cindy came to live with them and having Alfie leave felt like another piece of Karl’s dad left us. There have been some other upsetting situations happen with our personal life; I don’t want to be cryptic but since they involve others I don’t think it would be fair to share on a public site. This morning, knowing the week is almost over was a relief, but also caused all of us in the family to break down a bit over it all. So when I dressed, I chose to wear things that are special to me, help me feel strong and protected, and remind me of good.
My cuff, I have had since 1997. I bought it right after my first post-college job interview (and yes, I got the job!). The ivory necklace belonged to my mom. I can never remember the story behind it (Mommy that’s why I called you earlier today), but it’s so unique and it reminds me of her. The black necklace Karl bought for me when he was in Mexico for yoga teacher training. The silver chain has charms that mean a lot to me – A Saint Patrick medal I found, a cartouche of my name I got as a gift back in high school, a disc that says “Emerson” from a reader, and a new charm of Maryland from another reader.
The dress is from Gwynnie Bee, and when I put it on I felt like High School Allie. I loved the flippy style, the visible slip underneath, it looked cute with the exposed elasticized waist but decided to toughen it up with a big leather belt.  All that is missing for circa 1992 me is my biker jacket and a pair of Doc Martens. I made do with my beloved I-don’t-care-that-they-shorten-my-legs-I-love-them-anyway Miss Sixty booties. And the whole ensemble comforts me. Clothing can be superficial, it can be materialistic, but it can also be emotional and sentimental and healing.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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