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French Courses Offered in Foreign Language Schools

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Are you interested to learn French in the country where it is widely spoken and effectively taught? If you really want to have an excellent language acquisition particular to French, don’t hesitate to travel to France and take these incredible courses below by enrolling to selective foreign language schools! Feel free to identify them one at a time.

  • Standard Course
  • This French standard course actually has 20 lessons in a week. Basically foreign language schools schedule this class throughout the whole morning until lunchtime. This is the perfect course for all kinds of levels, especially for beginners. Standard course in French language is also considered as the “long term” course.

    This particular language course widens a learner’s grammar and vocabulary. It also allows learners to learn the culture and civilization behind the French language.

    • Intensive Course

    With a course that covers at least 30 lessons a week, the intensive course in French language allows learners to maximize their learning capability to its maximum level. It is scheduled every morning until past lunch time, just like the Standard course. However, afternoon classes from 1-3 pm are added. A maximum of 10 students per class is applied in this intensive course so that learners can make the most of their learning.

    • Combination Course

    Combination course is a mixture of Standard Courses and one-to-one training. It covers 25 French lessons every week. Its morning lessons are scheduled added with five specific French lessons one-to-one training.

    This particular language course is designed to integrate group teaching and private French lessons effectively. This is suitable for professionals who have shorter time to learn French language.

    • Private Training

    Do you prefer a secluded way of learning French? Private Training is the best way for you to learn the language effectively if that’s the case. This course is ideal for those who have limited time to learn French and wants to specify topics related to business, hotel management and tourism, marketing, and exam preparations.

    So, what are you waiting for? Learn French in France and take your chosen French language course to formally learn your target language efficiently.

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