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For One More Day

By Allthingssixx @allthingssixx
about Mitch Albom, the author, like all his other works, professes the importance of childhood, love, family, and choices.
rating 4/5
The book is a journey, where you may keep the book down and close your eyes to reflect on your own childhood and the present, and understand yourself and your loved ones better.  
Not for the practical lot who are not into reading of the self-discovery kind.
the plot
The story starts with a man coming to a point where he has let his professional failure in life mess with his personal life, and believing that he lives without reason. Unable to take his conditions any more, he decides to end his existence. In the gap between his life and death, he is met with his dead mother. He has gotten a chance to be a son for one more day, a time he has got to mend, rebuild, and gather what was lost. He reminisces over his childhood, several events, one after the other, interlined with the notes his mother had written him throughout, along with small chapters of ‘times my mother stood up to me’ and ‘times I did not stand for my mother’.  verdict
A short book, I recommend this to anyone who needs to take a trip with self.

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