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Flip Flop Fantasy Workout

By Tatiannalovingfit

May 16, 2012 by

Lower Body Workout


Hello my dear lovies,

Hope you are ready for another lower body workout routine.  And the good news is – It’s Summer Themed Workouts Time!  This little number looks simple but trust me it’s a butt burner. This workout consists of only 4 exercises, two of them are bodyweight only and for the other two I was using my 40 lbs VersaFit bag.

I can tell you right away that you will easily beat my time, cause today I was really struggling. The weather here in FL had reached 90 degrees, and everytime I am working out I feel like I am soon to faint.

I also wanted to congratulate all of you guys who have tried the push-up challenge program, and shared your progress. I am really happy that all of you guys had so much progress with your push-ups!

Now have a good warm-up and let’s workout!



Workout Explanations


All I used in this workout was my Gymboss timerFlip Flop Fantasy Workout and my 40lbs VersaFit bag from Power Systems. Don’t worry if you don’t have the bag that I use, you can make your own by checking it out ” Fitness Equipment On A Budget ” post, or you can use other equipment you might have such as dumbbells, kettlebell or a backpack filled with something heavy.


Please watch the workout recap part of the video for proper form explanations.

Set your timerFlip Flop Fantasy Workout as a stopwatch. There is 5 rounds of the following sequence.


  • Half One Leg Squat & 1 Pulse Up – 10 reps on each leg
  • Side Jump Lunge with Rotation – 15 reps on each leg
  • Mini Dead Lifts – 30 reps ( Please watch workout recap video for this exercise )
  • Bag Swing – 20 Reps ( you can do 30 reps if you like, but with my bag being 40 lbs 20 reps was enough )
  • My time for this routine was 34 minutes and 43 seconds

After this workout I did 3 sets of Bridges on a balance ball, 20 per side. And 3 sets Toe Lifts, 25 reps each with my 40 lbs bag.

Then I did some jump rope skipping for 10 minutes and a stretch after.


Nutrition Tip:


If you are having a terrible craving for a certain food – have some! There is no need to feel guilty about it. When our body craves something you better give it what it wants, otherwise later you will crave it even more and end up eating a lot more. We don’t really need to live our life in deprivation, it’s all about a healthy balance. I’ve written a great article called ” Is It Healthy To Always Eat Healthy? “, give that a looksie, it’s quite interesting.

Have fun with your workout!


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