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Five Things Friday

By Romelantoine

1. LACY (Life After City Year)

I have been compulsively checking job search websites over the past two weeks. Every evening after work I comb,,, and the obligatory I’ve found a few jobs that I’m incredibly interested in and have taken on the large task of tailoring my résumé and cover letter to each position. With only 2 1/2 months left before my current position ends I’m really starting to feel the pressure of next year but I know that something will work out. It has to.

2. Work

The reason I haven’t blogged in the past 2 weeks is best summed up in one word: work. We’ve had a couple of setbacks in the past month and as a team we’ve really tried to band together to overcome these problems. There were two choices; we could either sit around and complain about how hard life is or suck it up, put our heads down, and keep on trucking. We chose the latter. Joe Paterno said it best, ““When a team outgrows individual performance and learns team confidence, excellence becomes a reality.” I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings us.

Image representing Sheryl Sandberg as depicted...

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3. Sheryl Sandberg

I recently watched a TED Talk given by Sheryl Sandberg about why there aren’t many female leaders in any industry. I didn’t learn many new things but I loved the way that she was able to bring such an important issue to people who needed to hear it; TED goers. These people represent a large part of the creative nucleus of American life and it’s only necessary that they hear about the messages we should be giving to the women around us. Give it a look.

4. Krista’s Blog

Krista has finally started her very own blog to house her amazing ingenuity! She’s resisted for the longest time, continuously using the “no one will ever want to read it” excuse. Well, it’s up to you to prove her wrong. Head over to her space and engage in her thoughts, listen and respond. You will NOT be disappointed.

5. Public Education Reform

I am a fierce advocate for education reform and the current climate is ripe for discussion. Amazing teachers are being laid-off, Charter schools are being denied entry into well-deserving communities, State tests are approaching at an alarming rate…I could go on (and trust me, I will). I encourage you to take some time this weekend to learn about these issues because it directly affects the future of the United States.

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