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Finding Toys

By Hikingwithheather @HikingHeather
Finding Toys
Charlie has this knack for finding toys... sometimes in the least likely places. I've seen her dig up old buried tennis balls on wilderness trails where people are rarely seen.
She finds lacrosse balls under logs and in marshy bogs along the athletic fields near our house (she even "snorkels" for them in shin-deep water).
She also sometimes steals toys from other dogs' yards while we're out on walks. She's so sneaky about this one that I don't even realize she's got a toy in her mouth until we've been walking for a while and I have no idea which house it could belong to.
So the other day, when we were hiking at Big Eau Pleine County Park, she found a toy on a sign post. Someone had obviously lost it and then another someone put it on the post for the first someone to find it. Charlie found it. And she wasn't going to give it up. So I just let her keep it. Right, wrong, oh well.
Finding Toys
Finding Toys
Finding Toys
In any case, she's keeping it close and having a good time with it. Seems these "found" treasures are like Christmas morning to her!
Finding Toys
Finding Toys

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