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File Folder Box

By Curdsnwhey
File Folder Box
My desk is a MESS. I mean a mess! My husband is always giving me a hard time about it. My filing system is usually just a huge pile on the corner of the desk. Every thing goes in that pile. Bills, insurance info, coupons, name it, its in that pile. Its amazing nothing gets lost. (Ok, maybe a few things have)  I wanted to do something to organize it but I didn't want to go and buy a plain old organizer.I wanted it to be cute.  I had an almost empty box of cereal and I thought I could turn it into something cute. I got my supplies together and got to work.
File Folder Box
Supplies needed:
A can of spray adhesive
1/2 yard of fabric
Exacto knife
First tip your box on its end and measure two inches down from the top and mark it.
File Folder Box
Next draw a line from the top corner to your mark that is two inches from the top creating a diagonal line from the top. Flip it over and do the same thing on the other end.
File Folder Box
Turn your box over so its laying flat and place your ruler on the two inch mark and draw a line from one mark to the mark on the other side.
Take your exacto knife and cut along your line on all three sides.
File Folder Box
File Folder Box
Lay your box on top of your fabric.
File Folder Box
 You have two options now. You can either start spraying adhesive on your box and fabric and start covering it and then once its glued on you can trim the fabric our you can take your fabric lay it up against the box measure and cut your fabric before gluing it on. I tried both ways and I really can't tell the difference. I only have a picture of the second option though.
File Folder Box
Make sure to pull your fabric tight and rub out any bumps. And now for the finished product! Cute huh?  Now my desk is super organized and hopefully I won't lose anything anymore.
File Folder Box
File Folder Box

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