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Fifty Shades Darker (2017) Review

Posted on the 16 February 2017 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7

Fifty Shades Darker (2017) Review

We get the second part of the Grey series and find out how Christian Grey is battling his demons and how Ana must deal with the women in his past.

In all honesty I could not really remember much about the first film, which I guess was not a total bad thing. I had read this book as well I stopped a few chapters into the third one, this was when they were first released. I wasn’t really convinced about seeing the film but thought I might as well have an opinion on it and see if it was as bad as I expected.

When a film gets an unreal amount of women to the cinema (who don’t usually attended) you have to be wondering exactly how the film is going to be. You know this series, Twilight and as much as it pains me to say this one but Sex and the City. They are made for women who apparently want sex and love on-screen. This one is no different, it actually makes me very sad how much it has already made at the box office in only five days when incredible films have been taken off so this can have many screenings.

Anyway about the film it moves at a rather slow pace as in all honesty it doesn’t really have enough plot for a full film. A thirty minute soap drama would probably be more appropriate. The books are very badly written and those lines that are taken directly from it to the dialog for the film are then awful on-screen. I am not blaming Dakota Johnson as she really does not have a lot to work with, some of the things she has to say or whisper/mumble are just awful. Must be really difficult to do some of them they are seriously that bad.

Ana cannot deal with the women in his past, former subs and the woman who started him off down the pretty sadistic road Elena. They have a couple of exchanges which are pretty hilarious in all honesty especially when we see how plastic Kim Basinger is now looking.

Christian is trying to fight his demons and opens up a little bit more about his past. Aww isn’t that quite nice that she really has started to change him though? Hmm well not really considering he won’t actually let her do anything or go anywhere without his permission which he won’t actually give. Not really a Prince Charming and relationship anyone should be aiming for!

Yes, we get quite a lot of sex scenes but they are really no different to what we have seen and been used to in films for years. Some of them don’t really fit in very well and it seems it gets to the point, oh actually we need a sex scene in here. Pretty impressive that they manage to do them most of the time without full nudity. Although I will admit that just one of the scenes was pretty hot, I think it was actually the last one! Maybe I was just sensing it was nearly over.

Quite remarkable that something from Twilight fan fiction is still going and we are getting a third film out of a very dull story. That I refuse to call a love story as it really isn’t something you would want to happen to you!

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