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Fess Up Friday - My Jogging Route

By Selina Hoit
Hey Friends!
If you haven't noticed by now, I try to find the humor in just about ANYTHING! :-)
Well because we all go through really hard things in life and we have to make a conscious choice to be happy :-).....AND...... I like to laugh...yes, for those that know me, they are probably giggling right now about me saying that. ;-)
I will admit though, it's just a little sad when I can turn my daily jog into a fess up post. /-:
(What is wrong with me!?)  hee,hee
On my route yesterday I saw this newly planted tree.
YES, that "tree" looks as if it is secured by bike lock cables!
Fess Up Friday - My Jogging Route
  Well my friends, it's about 24" tall.  This totally cracks me up.  IT'S - A -TWIG! And the landscaper put up their sign right next to it!
Fess Up Friday - My Jogging Route
HAHAHAH!!  I love the: "Landscaping with TLC"  YES, MY FRIENDS, you will definitely need to provide plenty of TLC to any plant that they are planting for you or YOUR TWIGS WILL DIE.  (insert evil laugh)  I need at least a 12 footer for success.....just sayin.

Fess Up Friday - My Jogging Route
With this next picture, I will admit I have jogged by it MANY weeks in a row before I stopped and took a picture.  Of course the ONE day I decide to take a picture the person's car was in the driveway and the garage door wide open.  You just KNOW if they caught me they'd be thinking "Oh, isn't she the nice neighbor, highlighting my stupidity"  (hee,hee)  No, it's just so funny, something I am SURE I would do.
Fess Up Friday - My Jogging Route
All garden hoses should come with a WARNING: "Leaving garden hose out on an extremely hot day WILL kill your grass for a very long time".  Personally, I like it, it makes me smile.   I'm going to set up MY hose to spell my name all SWIRLY.
Fess Up Friday - My Jogging Route
Sometime on my jog I take this sweet fella, but he's been having a few problems of his own......we'll leave it at that. He had to wear the "cone of shame" for a MONTH because he is as compulsive obsessive as myself and couldn't stop licking his owie!  And for those wondering, my OCD disorder is not licking any part of my body (Phew, just needed to clarify that!)  My obsessiveness is more like having to write a blog post the DAY (or day after) I take a picture, like writing this post now.....I guess it's a good problem to have.......sometimes :-)
Fess Up Friday - My Jogging Route
Fess Up Friday - My Jogging Route
All to say, I do enjoy finding humor in everyday occurrences......even jogging in my neighborhood on a beautiful Fall day. :-) :-)  They say, laughter is the best medicine.
Fess Up Friday - My Jogging Route
Enjoy your WEEKEND my friends and don't forget to LAUGH!!
If you need more help in the laughter department, I just ran across this old Fess Up post that had me laughing so hard - ah, when my daughter is older she'll never forgive me - haha!creativejuicesdecor Fess Up Friday - My Jogging Route Fess Up Friday - My Jogging Route Fess Up Friday - My Jogging Route

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