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Feast, Not Famine

By Mwillis
At present I don't have much gardening stuff to write about except for harvesting.
Feast, not famine
But as you can see, I have been harvesting lots of different vegetables:
Feast, not famine
The tomatoes in that basket are just representative of their type, because I have picked huge quantities of them. I noticed blight on a couple of my tomato plants on Saturday, which prompted me to pick all the fruit which was showing any sign of colouring-up, with a view to ripening it off the plant - indoors if necessary.
Feast, not famine
So far, the blight is under control. I removed all the affected fruit and leaves, and I am watching very carefully for any further infection.
You'll notice that in today's basket are a few French Beans, the first from those plants I am growing in the pots that formerly held the potatoes. It's not a lot, but they will make a nice change from the Runners (not that I dislike Runners though).
Feast, not famine
There are a few chillis in there too. They are "Cayenne" ones, which are tasty but not too hot - ideal for cooking with.
Feast, not famine
I have quite a few of them ripening now, so I'm saving them up to make a batch of Sweet Chilli Sauce.

Feast, not famine

Chilli "Cayenne"

The "Aji Benito" chillis are ripening in quick succession too, so some of these may join the Cayennes in the sauce, whilst the others will be frozen for use in the forthcoming months.

Feast, not famine

Chilli "Aji Benito"

That's all for today. I hope your harvests are proving plentiful too...

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