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Father's Day and a Rerun, #selfie and #MyRoleModel

By Shalinidigvijay @shalinidigvijay
Its the second Sunday of June. Sunny indeed.
Father's day today.
This is a rerun...
I've already blogged for #MyRoleModel and but when papa walked in in this Soldier For Women T-Shirt, I just had to do another post.
This T-Shirt was courtesy last year's blogadda's initiative to recognize the Men who supported the women around them wholeheartedly. I blogged about the man who has held my hand and taught me most of all I know and was finally able to express my love and appreciation for him.As time goes by and the first gray hairs start appearing,one realizes that no matter what, one is never too old to move away from the shadow of the parents. As I grow older and hopefully wiser, I know that I need my parents more and more.I can acknowledge and respect the magnanimity of my father even more.I now have the foresight to see that he has always meant well.I also know that he has the grace to not gloat over my mistakes, but stand as a solid support system.
Father's Day and a Rerun, #selfie and #MyRoleModelHe is the man who has given unconditional love and support to me And Sweet Sister and our mother. Always.He is the man.And now its the grand children who look up to him too...Emulating a man who is #MyRoleModel.Father's Day and a Rerun, #selfie and #MyRoleModelNot overlooking the fact that hubby dear has supported me in all of my madness and sanity,but Papa has been there longer.A big thank you to ,maybe ,without this initiative, I would have never been able to express my love for my dad in words.Thank you Papa for being there for us always. You are and always will be #MyRoleModel. I wish Sweet Sister were part of that selfie too,alas she is in Bangalore...Father's Day and a Rerun, #selfie and #MyRoleModel
Happy Father's Day Papa.
Love you....
Shalini and Jiya
I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity by Gillette India in association with

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