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Fashion: Why Does It Matter Anyway?

By Wardrobeoxygen
Fashion: Why Does it Matter Anyway? There are people dying and I’m spending my days writing about fashion. How pointless, how superficial and materialist. Come on, clothes are clothes. Why does it matter anyway?
It matters because we have a choice. You can buy a stiff cotton tee shirt with Las Vegas written on the front, buy a plain white men's undershirt, or a soft jersey tee that flatters your figure and is in the perfect shade. You can purchase a hooded sweatshirt three sizes larger than your frame or for the same money purchase a tailored wool sweater that will keep you just as warm. Yes, people are dying on this planet, but we all need clothes and if you are reading this blog, this means you have at least a touch of privilege and have choices.
So why not make a choice that flatters your figure, showcases your personality, and provides the world with an accurate depiction of your soul?

You have to wear clothing, might as well make it clothing that makes you look and feel good.
Sweatpants feel good in the same way Kraft mac and cheese feels good. Both are warm, cozy, comforting, and great when on the couch watching The New Girl. But that isn’t the same good that you feel after eating a well-made, well-seasoned meal of fresh vegetables, lean protein, and quality ingredients. Your body deserves good fuel, and deserves to be wrapped in good clothing.
Respect your ability to make a choice, and a choice can be made at most any pricepoint. Be it Saks or Walmart, there are choices, and your body and personality deserve the best choice.
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