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Add Fun to Your Life By Brewing Your Own Beer

Making your own fresh beer is a great hobby and a rewarding experience. There is nothing like pulling out your own crafted beer for company and having them marvel over the... Read more

Much Should Baby Eat? Paperblog Pick in Family

How Much Should a Baby Eat?

June 4, 2017 Leave a Comment +1 Tweet Share Pin WhatsAppShares 0 After two plus years of My Little Moppet, I am certain that I have answered a question from pretty much every... Read more


  • Command Strips: Mess Free Hanging

    Command Strips: Mess Free Hanging

    Are you one of those people who love having family photographs hung up on wall around your home? Or perhaps a bit of art work or even a few hooks here and there... Read more

    The 08 August 2017 by   Evette Garside
  • Why Do Babies Fight Sleep? (And How To Fix It?)

    Babies Fight Sleep? (And It?)

    There’s a reason, back in 2011, parents all over the country responded to Samuel L. Jackson, reading a profanity-laced children’s book about getting a child to... Read more

    The 07 August 2017 by   Tonyjumper
  • Creativity 521 #113 - Because It's Singapore!

    Creativity #113 Because It's Singapore!

    It's our nation's 52nd birthday tomorrow! Are you feeling as patriotic as we are? I sure hope so! Although we've watched the National Day preview, we still can'... Read more

    The 07 August 2017 by   A Happy Mum
  • Transgender Crisis: How You Can Help

    Transgender Crisis: Help

    AN EPIDEMIC OF HATE In 2015, nineteen transgender people were murdered in the United States. The following year, that number rose to 26, an all-time high. Read more

    The 07 August 2017 by   Designerdaddy
  • I'm a Seasoned "Bug" Hunter

    Seasoned "Bug" Hunter

    Photo by KDA. Click to enlarge, if you dare! There are advantages to being five plus decades old. For example, when entering my office last Friday, I spied... Read more

    The 07 August 2017 by   Thegenaboveme
  • Bedding for a Princess

    Bedding Princess

    As Izebella very recently went into a bigger bed, and both the girls have a brand new set of bunk beds in their room, it was time to jazz up the bottom bunk wit... Read more

    The 07 August 2017 by   Evette Garside
  • Dynamite Dare!

    Dynamite Dare!

    DIFFUSE OR LOSE!! This is Dynamite Dare from Brainstorm games. It's aimed at children ages 4 and over. It requires no batteries, there is no dice, no counters... Read more

    The 07 August 2017 by   Evette Garside
  • What's Your Story?

    What's Your Story?

    THE POWER OF STORIESI had a phone call the other day from the publisher. More specifically, from the woman who works with the publicity department at the... Read more

    The 07 August 2017 by   Richard Crooks
  • The August Referral Bonus (Canada and Australia) - $5 Per Referral

    August Referral Bonus (Canada Australia)

    Summer's almost over, but you can still earn big bonuses at Swagbucks, the rewards site where you earn points (called SB) for things you're probably doing onlin... Read more

    The 06 August 2017 by   Catherine Mcdiarmid-Watt
  • Back to School 2017 Collector's Bills

    Back School 2017 Collector's Bills

    As everybody gets ready for Back to School, Swagbucks has a bonus for you in the form of Back to School Collector's Bills! Collector's Bills are special... Read more

    The 06 August 2017 by   Catherine Mcdiarmid-Watt