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Fairy Liquid Honours the Royal Wedding in Soapy Style

By Claire

fairy liquid royal weddingThis post is for you, dear readers. Because I’m a little at a loss for words: inwardly chuckling, and yet slightly alarmed that I find this funny: “Procter & Gamble is developing a special-edition plastic bottle of Fairy Liquid to commemorate the royal wedding in April“.

Emma Hall, London editor of US magazine Advertising Age, contacted me to ask for a quote and – trying not to be insulting but failing, I think – I obliged and have been quoted in her article here:

Even P&G’s Fairy Dishwashing Liquid Is Part of U.K. Royal Wedding

Personally I won’t be buying a bottle. I will be looking for it to see how it’s priced though! Emma’s article is an entertaining read. I’d recommend it. You’ll enjoy the bit about Crown Jewels’ royal wedding condoms, I’m sure!

So let me know your thoughts. Royal Fairy Liquid: friendly and harmless or mildly sinister?

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