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Expert Syndrome

By Nicoleao

expert syndromeWhen I first became a mom I was confident. I figured that, much like the Beatles Song ‘Love is all you need‘, love indeed was all I needed. And I had plenty of it.

Then along came the experts with their parenting books. And slowly but surely my confidence started to dwindle. There were so many pitfalls I hadn’t thought of, and reading parenting books made me aware of them. Suddenly love dídn’t seem enough anymore. I needed móre parenting books, to get me out of the hole created by parenting books!

The same principle applies to running. When I first started running I figured: ‘It’s just a matter of putting one foot in front of the other.’ Then along came the experts! Telling me there were specific wáys I should put one foot in front on the other! Suddenly putting one foot in front of the other didn’t seem enough anymore. I needed móre expert advice!

I’m not saying listening to experts is a bad thing, or that they sometimes don’t offer good advice, but they sure can make life complicated. And when that happens it’s good to go back to basic.

Go back to love. and putting one foot in front on the other!

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