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Etiquette Factory Educator

By Monicairvine
Hello Friends,
Welcome back.  It's been such an exciting month at The Etiquette Factory, it's hard for me not to talk about what's been happening.  January launched our Etiquette Educator's Opportunity.  What's this?  Well, it's an exciting new opportunity for anyone who has an interest in children, teaching and making great money.  The field of Etiquette Educators is growing everyday.  Our whole world is seeing the need to have proper manners training at the forefront of a proper education.
Etiquette Factory EducatorYou can join us today and become the first Etiquette Factory Educator in your area.  You will soon become your communities leading resource in manners training.  You can teach in so many different arenas, like; daycares, pre-schools, summer camps, girl scout troops, church youth groups, adult social clubs, and the list goes on and on.  Find out today if becoming an Etiquette Factory Educator is right for you.  Go to:  You will be thrilled by the opportunities.
Have a great week,
Monica Irvine, a.k.a. Mary Manners

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