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Escape Key: None of Them Are You

Posted on the 01 April 2011 by Hctf @hctf

Escape Key

Escape Key play rambling garage rock. Founded in 2008 by husband and wife Matt Hannah (guitar/vocals) and Crystal Yakacki (bass/vocals), they chalked up a string of live dates on the Big apple's club circuit. Their EP None of Them Are You, with Bryna Greene on drums, was recorded by Jason LaFarge (of Swans fame).

he NYC trio have a bare bones approach to their music. The songs are "in-your-face", no frills and gimmicks, laid down with a "set up, plug in, roll tape, next song" attitude that sounds fresh and intimate. Matt Hannah's vocals have some trouble reaching the higher registers, sounding a bit like Tom Verlaine, with Crystal Yakacki channeling Kim Deal. Somebody hand a copy of this album to The Strokes. They might learn something about keeping it real.

Escape Key: None of Them Are You

is a self-released EP. Donwload it fro free from the band's website.

  1. No Light
  2. Vanish in the Air
  3. Regards
  4. Go
  5. Stars Start Fading
  6. With You

MP3: Escape Key - Vanish in the Air
MP3: Escape Key - Go

» escapekeymusic.com

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