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Best Ways Business Choose Green Water Filtration System Paperblog Pick in Environment

Best Ways for a Business to Choose a Green Water Filtration System

No one really thinks about where a restaurant gets its water or how a processing plant filters its water. Commercial water filtration is a very important topic many types of... Read more

Sheppy Birding Paperblog Pick in Environment

Sheppy Birding

Whenever I visit my old man we try to get out for a spot of birding at least once, our day this time round was a day out in search of owls and raptors at one of the best winter... Read more


  • 180 Climate Deniers in Congress Received $82 Million in Dirty Money

    Climate Deniers Congress Received Million Dirty Money

    GR: “Trump himself received $1,132,996 in dirty energy money.” If we can’t get money out of politics, human weakness will destroy the world. This EcoWatch... Read more

    The 01 May 2017 by   Garry Rogers
  • 2500 Miles April Update

    2500 Miles April Update

    One thing is for sure April was not my best month of walking! I am still ahead of schedule, but I am slowing right down, doesn't help that I had a bit of illnes... Read more

    The 01 May 2017 by   Ashley Crombet-Beolens
  • It’s the End of the World and We Know It: Scientists in Many Disciplines See...

    It’s World Know Scientists Many Disciplines Apocalypse, Soon

    GR: Here’s an article that I hope at least my friends and family read. If it doesn’t worry and motivate you, then you are a victim of “willful blindness” a... Read more

    The 01 May 2017 by   Garry Rogers
  • Ten Things: Fashion Revolution Week

    Things: Fashion Revolution Week

    Hello!  How are you?  We’ve running on empty as we’ve not had much sleep this week – my youngest has been teething her eye teeth and taking it pretty badly... Read more

    The 30 April 2017 by   Moralfibres
  • Top 15 Tech Companies Using Green Energy

    Tech Companies Using Green Energy

    In the contemporary era, going green is the goal of almost every top tech-savvy company in the world. These mainstream tech companies have realized that going... Read more

    The 29 April 2017 by   Rinkesh
  • Smoking: a Polluting Habit

    The damage to health caused by smoking is widely known and largely standard fare. In this article are laid out some of the other effects of smoking, from the... Read more

    The 28 April 2017 by   Rinkesh
  • Merkley, Sanders Goal: U.S. on All Renewables by 2050

    Merkley, Sanders Goal: U.S. Renewables 2050

    GR: The U. S. has begun adopting renewable energy. For instance, the number of us solar jobs (not even counting wind) surpassed coal, oil, and gas jobs... Read more

    The 28 April 2017 by   Garry Rogers
  • Wonderful Warblers

    Wonderful Warblers

    The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry, or so the saying goes, well, my plans for today were an early start to attempt to catch sunrise, and be out o... Read more

    The 27 April 2017 by   Ashley Crombet-Beolens
  • Ocean Farmers Make “Climate March by Sea”

    Ocean Farmers Make “Climate March Sea”

    GR: The premise of the article below is that warming oceans are destroying marine ecosystems and eliminating fish-harvesting jobs. It’s about jobs, and... Read more

    The 27 April 2017 by   Garry Rogers
  • A Guide to Pet Friendly Gardening

    Guide Friendly Gardening

    According to a recent survey of 2,000 pet owners, 8% of dogs and cats have eaten a poisonous garden plant, and 43% of those needed urgent medical care... Read more

    The 27 April 2017 by   Gfl