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World’s Worst Toxic Pollution Problems Paperblog Pick in Environment

World’s Top 10 Worst Toxic Pollution Problems

World’s Top 10 Toxic Pollution Problems Every day synthetic, toxic chemicals are released into the environment. It affects our water, land and air. Water is our most vital... Read more

Project Uses Offshore Platforms Energy, Aquaculture, Transport Paperblog Pick in Environment

EU Project Uses Offshore Platforms for Energy, Aquaculture, Transport

The Mermaid project aims to combine offshore wind with aquaculture and transport. (Credit: Technical University of Denmark)The future oceans around Europe will contain even more... Read more


  • Fruit & Veggies In Season

    Fruit Veggies Season

    Last year I told you what to sow now, but what about what fruit and vegetables to buy now? Our garden is tiny and not anywhere near large enough to sustain... Read more

    The 08 May 2014 by   Moralfibres
  • Your Smartphone’s Battery

    Your Smartphone’s Battery

    It’s incredible to think that in just a few years smartphones have become a rather ubiquitous part of life. The thing is smartphones drink power like nothing... Read more

    The 01 May 2014 by   Moralfibres
  • EIA Releases Annual Energy Outlook 2014

    Releases Annual Energy Outlook 2014

    EIA releases complete Annual Energy Outlook 2014 report. (Credit: U.S. Energy Information Administration)The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)... Read more

    The 08 May 2014 by   Dailyfusion
  • Significance of Rock Fragments and Mineral Grains in River Sands.

    Significance Rock Fragments Mineral Grains River Sands.

    River sands of Ranchi plateau consists quartz, quartzite, feldspar, mica, coals, etc.byDr. Nitish Priyadarshi Sand grains of Ranchi river showing rock... Read more

    The 27 May 2014 by   Priyadarshi
  • Chemical-free Spring Cleaning

    Chemical-free Spring Cleaning

    It’s a mucky job – full of unexpected cobwebs and a surprising amount of dust – but it needs doing and it naffs me off every time. I’m talking about the big... Read more

    The 05 May 2014 by   Cassiefairy
  • Nanoparticles Make Biofuel Refining Faster and Cleaner

    Nanoparticles Make Biofuel Refining Faster Cleaner

    Ames Laboratory has created a faster, cleaner biofuel refining technology. (Credit: Flickr @ jon payne https://www.flickr.com/photos/jonpayne/)The U.S. Read more

    The 15 May 2014 by   Dailyfusion
  • Causes and Effects of Ocean Pollution

    Causes Effects Ocean Pollution

    What is Ocean Pollution? Oceans are the largest water bodies on the planet Earth. Over the last few decades, surplus human activities have severely affected... Read more

    The 31 May 2014 by   Rinkesh
  • 20 Facts About Ocean Pollution

    Facts About Ocean Pollution

    What is Ocean Pollution? The ocean remains one of the most expansive, mysterious and diverse places on Earth. Unfortunately, it is being threatened by... Read more

    The 26 May 2014 by   Rinkesh
  • April, 2014: This Month in Energy

    April, 2014: This Month Energy

    Solar deployment exceeds wind in 2013 and provides nearly 22% of new generating capacity added in 2013 in the U.S.; scientists look for possible ways to reduce... Read more

    The 06 May 2014 by   Dailyfusion
  • 20 Energy Saving Tips To Reduce Business Energy Costs

    Energy Saving Tips Reduce Business Costs

    Running a business can be a difficult venture. It can become even more difficult when you consider the different types of costs you’ll run into when you’re... Read more

    The 12 May 2014 by   Rinkesh