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End of Month View – May 2011

By Patientgardener @patientgardener

End of Month View – May 2011

I really should remember to take my photos for the End of Month View in the morning and not when I get home from work as the sun is too low and there is an annoying glare. This is the End of Month Border.  I don’t like the front edge as it gets very dry and I have still to find something that will be really happy; I’m thinking of Epimedium.  I like the border further up where the gravel is the Iris, Cerinthe and Campanulas work quite well together.

End of Month View – May 2011
There is a distinct lack of height or in fact anything at the back  of the border  There is a Cornus that I transplanted here last year with the idea that the variegated leaves would lighten the corner but it’s not a happy Cornus and I think the problem is next door’s trees are taking all the moisture.  I have pruned it back hard so the plant can focus its energy on its roots and hopefully it will perk up.

End of Month View – May 2011
You can just see the new border which is beginning to take shape.  The main plants are in, although there is one fern which need moving, and I have the fillers to put in.  The ‘lawn’ is looking a little  shaggy as we are experimenting with just cutting a path through it and this is the first week so I suppose it will be a few before a real difference is noticeable.

End of Month View – May 2011
Top of the wall border from the steps.  Really beginning to fill out and I have still to find homes for the Dahlias and Cosmos.

End of Month View – May 2011
Finally I promised a view of the Allotment and here it is.  I know there are weeds amongst the onions – that is Thursday’s job.  Its coming on better now that I have disbanded the digging crew and it feels like my allotment more; I have really started to engage with it and make more plans.  Picked the first Mangetout today and some rocket and salad leaves which really cheered me up.  Broad beans nearly ready to start harvesting and I don’t think the first potatoes will  be long now as they have flowers on.  The fruit end isn’t so good but I think a lot of that is to do with the dry spring we have had and the plants just  not having enough moisture in their first year.  The only downside is that I have rabbits visiting the plot which seem particularly keen on my radishes and beetroot.  I am spraying with something that they apparently don’t like and so far so good.

So  that’s where we are at the end of May – quite a lot achieved despite spending time at Malvern and Chelsea so am really pleased.

Please feel free to join in with this meme.  There are no rules just do a post on the last day of the month and post a link to it in the comments box here.


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