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Eight Ways to Go Green for Mother’s Day

Posted on the 03 May 2011 by Livinggreenor

You probably didn’t think you could have an eco-friendly Mother’s Day, but guess again!  Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be another holiday where you’re frantically trying to decide what to buy.  Make it a greener day, lower your carbon footprint and participate in a green activity with minimal environmental impact.  There are a number of ways to make Mom feel special and appreciated but keep the planet (and your wallet) in check, too!

Eight Ways to Go Green for Mother’s Day

  1. Get some fresh air and go for a walk in the park. After being inside all winter long, it’ll be nice to get outside and take in the beauty of the flowers that are just starting to bloom.  A walk in your park, botanical garden or arboretum is free and has little to now footprint.
  2. Get your hands dirty and help Mom start a garden. If she doesn’t have space in her yard, help her with a container garden on her porch.  Herbs, tomatoes and lettuce are all very easy to grow and she’ll love being able to open her door for a salad instead of driving to the grocery store!  Be sure she’s familiar with pesticide-free gardening practices so her garden is organic.
  3. Teach Mom how to make eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Roll up your sleeves and teach her something.  She’ll appreciate your care and concern, and she’ll be proud of her creations.  You provide the containers, her favorite essential oils and the recipes and you both do the preparing together – maybe over a cup of organic, fair trade tea!
  4. Treat Mom to a special local, organic Mother’s Day lunch or dinner at a restaurant. You’ll both get to experience what’s in season and learn a little bit more about food offered in your town.
  5. Don’t waste money on fresh cut flowers that will only die in a few days, bring Mom a potted plant or better yet, tree instead. Flowers shipped from thousands of miles away have a huge carbon footprint.  Certain houseplants have been known to reduce indoor air pollution and many are easy enough to grow even for those with a brown thumb.  If Mom has the space, help her plant a flowering dogwood or fruit tree (and bake a pie from the fruit once it’s matured).  Be sure to buy a sapling or plant from a local nursery instead of one that’s come in from several miles away for the lowest possible footprint.
  6. Get family and friends together and plan a green picnic with organic food using reusable dishes and napkins. Prepare the meal yourself and don’t let Mom do the dishes when you get home!  Go to the beach, park, outdoor concert, or any other favorite place Mom enjoys.
  7. Give Mom durable, reusable bags. Help Mom transition from one-use bags to durable bags by gifting her with some fashionable ones she’ll love using.  Etsy has some cute designs that aren’t as bulky (for thrift  store shopping) or just pick some up at Mom’s favorite grocery store.  If she already uses them, then take it a step further and try reusable produce bags instead.
  8. Instead of buying Mom a card, why not make one? Gather your extra crafting materials, magazines, and paper and let your unique-ness shine through.  Don’t have anything around the house?  Purchase a card printed on post-consumer recycled content paper using soy ink or just skip the card all together.

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