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Edibles: Gluten Free Pizza

By Mollyfergurson @mprettystylish
As anyone who is Gluten Free can attest to, by far one of the hardest things to give up is pizza. ESPECIALLY when you live in an area that's know for having amazing pizza. Fortunately or unfortunately - my taste buds were able to savor all the amazing pizza goodness of NY/NJ before I became gluten free.'s hard to find anything that can remotely compare.
Edibles: Gluten Free Pizza
While many restaurants have gluten free pizza options available, not many of them do it right. Trust me, I have tried most of them :)
So far, there has only been one restaurant that sent my pizza taste buds wild. It's called Bin 14 located in Hoboken, NJ. When I spoke to the manager my last visit, he informed me it took them 3 months to perfect their gluten free pizza crust and it shows. While they do have the traditional margherita pizza, they also have much more creative options - all available to be served on gluten free crust. My favorite so far has been the housemade pork sausage, caramelized onion, ceci, balsamic pizza. 
Edibles: Gluten Free Pizza
If you cannot make the trek to Hoboken, Udi's gluten free pre-made pizza crusts are amazing. I find them at my local Whole Foods, but you can order them online as well. I buy a couple packs at a time and freeze them to use as needed. I usually do a quick pizza with Whole Foods pizza sauce, low fat mozzarella and any toppings my heart desires. Prep is easy and cook time - even when crust is frozen is less than 15 min.  This pizza crust is so light and tasty I know people who are not gluten free who prefer to use this brand. 
Edibles: Gluten Free Pizza

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