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Eat Your Heart out Martha Stewart

By Saratpierce
With my pregnancy in full swing I feel obligated to indulge in some of the "sweeter" things in life without regret. It's just part of the territory. 
Baby girl's gotta grow after all!
This past weekend SIDEWAYS had a pool/viewing party celebrating our recent show, Breaking Bounds. It was basically a fun-filled evening of burgers, hot dogs, sweet treats and watching a poolside showing of our Saturday Breaking Bounds performance . It was a lot of fun and great to be back together as a company after a 2 week break. 
It was a pot luck of sorts so everyone brought their dish of choice. I wanted to let the rest of the company join in on my pregnancy indulgences so I decided to make something super special and SUPER DELICIOUS. 
Boston Cream Cupcakes - compliments of the Martha Stewart Cupcake Cookbook
Eat your heart out Martha Stewart
It was actually the first time I had made something from this magical collection of sweet treats and I'm QUITE proud of the way they turned out!
It was an extensive and MESSY job {as it should have been} so I didn't get any pictures of the process but here's the final product...

Eat your heart out Martha Stewart


Eat your heart out Martha Stewart

omg YUM

Eat your heart out Martha Stewart

quite the likeness if I do say so myself!

They were SO delicious and I managed to have some extra chocolate ganache left over. Perfect DIP for some... shortbread cookies or giant marshmallows perhaps!
They were a big hit at the party and have officially been dubbed a favorite. Although, I have a feeling EVERY recipe in this book {if made successfully} could be a favorite!
And for a little bit of fun... here are some snapshots from the party!

Eat your heart out Martha Stewart

Nice face from Kevin!

Eat your heart out Martha Stewart

Beautiful smile from Susanna

Eat your heart out Martha Stewart

Master Griller

Eat your heart out Martha Stewart

Keeping it classy!

Eat your heart out Martha Stewart

cigar time for the boys

Eat your heart out Martha Stewart

so excited about all the yummy food!

Eat your heart out Martha Stewart

Mary Ann's food baby and my real one!

Eat your heart out Martha Stewart

Andrea is not amused with Jeremy's story!

Eat your heart out Martha Stewart
Until next time...Have you ever made anything from Martha's cupcake cookbook? What's your favorite cupcake recipe?

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