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Eat Healthy Without Burning a Hole in Your Pocket

By Beliteweight @BeLiteWeight

Eat Healthy Without Burning a Hole in Your PocketEveryone wants to eat good, healthy food to promote weight loss, but it is often challenging to learn how to budget for balanced meals. Luckily, with a little brainstorming and planning, you can learn some smart shopping skills that will become second nature.

Buy in Bulk
No one wants five pounds of tomatoes hanging around and going bad, so save this tip for healthy staples that will last a long time: brown rice, whole wheat flour, and stevia store well. When you have healthy food on hand, you will be less inclined to buy additional, unhealthy groceries, and you’ll keep your weight loss on track.

Shop Seasonally
Fruits and veggies in season are often much cheaper than out-of-season counterparts that must be shipped hundreds or thousands of miles. They will be much fresher and easier to enjoy, and you will also be supporting local farmers. Where’s the best place to buy your fresh produce? My favorite is the local farmers market.

Be Picky About Protein
By choosing high quality products without additives or fillers, you will be consuming more nutrients and, in turn, will require a smaller portion to be satiated. Eating high-quality meat three times a week rather than low-quality meat five or more times a week will benefit your health and your pocket book.

Check Prices
Different grocery stores offer different deals. Shopping at two or three different stores may take a little extra effort at first, but you will learn a store’s trends and you will maximize your budget’s potential.

Choose Versatile Veggies
Veggies are less likely to sit around and go bad if you can use them in different ways. If you buy lots of iceberg lettuce, you may soon tire of salads. However, spinach can be eaten cooked or raw, as a side dish or in a number of recipes. Carrots are similar. Rutabagas? Not so much…

Spice Up Your Recipes
Stick to staples, and resist the urge to buy expensive condiments or frozen meals. Research how to cook while incorporating different spices to basic foods like rice and veggies to give you variety.

Freeze Your Portions
Literally! Cook healthy meals in bulk and freeze portions in individual containers. This will prevent overeating and eating out — the two factors that inhibit you to lose weight most.

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