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Easter Tradition Follow Up... and the Cutest Mom Ever!

By Saratpierce
My mom is so adorable. 
I get out of dance last night and saw that I had a missed call from "Mom and Dad". After hopping in the car I called them back and mom picked up the phone with a heightened excitement!
She told me that she had sent me something via e-mail that related to my Easter tradition post from yesterday {here}.
I was so thrilled when I finally got home, opened my e-mail and found 5 lovely snapshots of my beloved family Easter tradition. I, of course, added a few comical yet explanatory items of my own for your viewing pleasure.
Preface: Mom said these photos are from Easter morning 1989 so I'm almost 2 and my brother is 4 ish. This is the house that I was born in, in Richmond, {Chesterfield} Virginia. Let the cuteness commence. 
Easter tradition follow up... and the cutest mom ever!

Here you see my brother following a trail of bunny tail puffs around the back of the house. Ain't his footie-jammies cute?!?! If I remember correctly, the stairs to the left led up to the kitchen and the path looks like it's coming from around the front of the house across the driveway. This was a serious adventure my friends... serious.Easter tradition follow up... and the cutest mom ever!And here you'll see my adorable booty following big brother to the finish line. Look at that flexibility. Clearly I was born to dance. And note how I'm not even looking down at the steps as I climb them... eyes on the prize people, eyes on the prize. I love how you can see our little footie footprints on the stepping stones after walking through the damp grass. Those were the days. Easter tradition follow up... and the cutest mom ever!After examining our Easter Bunny gifts it was photo time! My brother obviously loved having his picture taken... fail. While I, on the other hand, probably would have CUT YOU if you tried to take my basket o' goodies. I mean really, look at that face. And how cute is my mom being master photographer!? Notice the red wagon under the sun room... Ballin'!Easter tradition follow up... and the cutest mom ever!

And finally here we are celebrating our success and getting completely cracked out on jelly beans and chocolate bunnies. Please take note of the Peter Rabbit book in my basket {college prep} and the Gumby-esque pink bunny hanging onto the handle {I'm pretty sure it was later decapitated by our dog}. Once again big bro is reluctant to smile for the camera while I don't even stop to chew my treats before exploding with a cheesy grin. I'd like you all to know that my passion for candy has remained this intense, even today. And please check out the bling on my wrist... be jealous.
SO, basically my parentals are totally awesome for 1. giving us years and years of blissful memories like these and 2. sending these pictures over to me to share with the world and provide proof of our Easter adventures!
Until next time...
This must have been before or after our basket hunt {hence the empty basket} but it's too darn cute NOT to share. 
Easter tradition follow up... and the cutest mom ever!Me sitting on my dad's lap {who is looking oh-so-stylish in short shorts and moccasins} most likely wondering what kind of trouble I could get into with that shiny green stuff in the basket. Just look at that claw hand ready to snatch it all up and make a mess. 
Have a great day friends!

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