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Dye Paper Doilies

By Partycraftsecrets
Dye Paper Doilies It's no secret that everyone has fallen back in love with the humble paper doily.  All across the web you'll find pretty little packages tied up with a paper doily on top.
I also love lovely lacy paper, but I can't help but want to be just a little different... which is why I started dying my paper doilies.
Here's what you'll need:
  • good quality paper doilies
  • food dye in your chosen colour
  • rubber gloves
  • paper towels
  • a flat bowl 
  • newspaper to protect your working surface
  • a spirit of adventure.

To dye your paper doilies:
  1. place a small amount of food dye and water into a bowl (the bowl I used was not ideal as the sides were quite steep... but I was loving the festive snowflake pattern on the crystal - silly me!)
  2. wearing rubber gloves (it can get messy people) dip the paper doily into the coloured water.
  3. leave in there for only a few seconds (cheap doilies will soon start to 'melt' as they absorb the liquid).
  4. put the dyed doily onto a paper towel.
  5. lay another sheet of paper towel on top and gently press down to soak up any moisture.
  6. set the doily aside on another piece of clean paper towel to dry fully.
  7. use your dyed doilies in whatever way your imagination guides you; embellish wrapped presents, cut and sting them up as snowflakes, turn them into pom-poms and so on (click to see links of where I blogged similar projects with cupcake liners).
The best way to try this craft is to experiment many times - you'll get a variety of shades depending on how much color you add to your water, and how long you leave the doily in the solution.
Please remember that the cheaper and/or more lacy and fragile the designs are, the more likely it will fall apart.  You can see from my last picture (click to enlarge) that the largest of my doilies basically disintegrated around the edges.  The decorative bowl I used didn't help as I had to 'fold' the paper to get it all wet... live and learn hey?
If I had more time (and thicker doilies), I'd love to try a triple-dip system where you dipped 3/4s, let it dry, then dipped it to the half way mark, then let it dry, then dip the bottom third again, so that you could get a sort of tie-dyed / graduated look... so much to try so little time!
I'll post a second edition showing some fun ways I use the dyed doilies... until then - stay tuned.
Best wishes,

Dye Paper Doilies

Dye Paper Doilies
Dye Paper Doilies

Dye Paper Doilies

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