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DSW, Sephora, and Fried Ice Cream — It’s Good to Be Home!

By Adventuresinamyland

DSW, Sephora, and Fried Ice Cream — It’s good to be home!

There are some things that the UK just doesn’t have and Britons just don’t understand. Fried food in particular is a bit of a conversation starter for a lot of people. “Yeah well you guys eat fried pickles so…”

I’ve never had anything that you would consider to be “weird fried food.” Until recently, I’d only had the pretty normal fried chicken, though I’ve since had fried ice cream. And if fried ice cream is American, then how come it was served at a Mexican restaurant alongside the flan and plantains? (And if we’re the ones who will fry up anything (and you are disgusted by it) why would you have entire roads in London dedicated to fried food? Let’s take a walk down Mile End and try and get ourselves a salad. Impossible!)

The verdict: pretty good but not that weird. What is the point in frying ice cream anyway? The only result is a crunchy outer shell because you obviously can’t fry it properly, otherwise it wouldn’t be, well, ice cream. Next up: fried pickles and fried butter. Bring on the coronary.

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