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Dreams of a Stranded Traveler

By Eyeandpen @eyeandpen
Picture     Lately, I often awake from my nightly dreams with disappointment. This morning I awoke from walking along a beach in the South Pacific, a light breeze whisked away the worry of my tormented heart. And a few nights ago, I had another dream that I was off somewhere else in the world. I was sharing a few drinks in an uncovered courtyard somewhere along the Mediterranean, watching the sun retreat ever so slowly; it dropped below the horizon, leaving an array of vibrant color, like a painter mixing every last brilliant color together, like it was his final and greatest piece of all. I faintly remember other adventures strewn throughout, but today it finally hit home as my eyes blinked open and I rubbed away the sleep that had formed. At this very moment, my dreams are better than my reality. But for most people, this is how it normally is – all of the time, I suppose. For me, as a traveler, it’s very often that my dreams simply compliment my reality.
     However lately for me, it’s been a bit of a more difficult experience, living a ‘normal,’ everyday life – because it’s forced and I have no choice at the moment. The last six months have felt like a skipping record, repeating an awful, mundane tone. But part of me is relieved that I even have a direction and a plan for myself. As often as my current situation drags me down day by day, a part of me strives to balance the dream world that I love so much with my current reality. Even though it’s depressing at times, part of me understands that I’m only down the mountain for a time being. And soon I will be back on top again, traveling and running amuck throughout the world once again, I’m sure.
     So I feel it’s important to tell to you that no matter what cards life has dealt you, that as long as you find direction and strive forward with passion, then your dreams won’t be unattainable. Your dreams don’t have to be outlandishly better than your reality – if traveling the world is a reoccurring dream for you too, then run with it and see where it takes you. Travel isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey. And soon enough, the fire that lights my journey will be rekindled and no one will be able to stop me, ever again!
(Photo by Trey Ratcliff)

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