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“Drawing Inspiration” Book is out and I’m in It!

By Jay Montgomery @jaymontgomery

I’m proud, humbled and honored to be apart of this wonderful collection of superstar artists from around the world. I met the author Michael Fleishman back in 2000 at a Graphic Artists Guild convention and what bundle of energy and knowledge he was even then. This is my 2nd Fleishman book that I have been in.

Look what’s on my drawing board? “Drawing Inspiration” book is out and I’m in it! Page 145: On this page I discuss working out value at the pencil stage before color, among other things.

“Drawing Inspiration” book is out and I’m in it!

Chapter 13 – Drawing Is Provocative, page 212 is all mine! One of the things I discuss here is what I teach in some of my classes. Andrew Loomis discusses the importance of the five P’s and the five C’s. Look it up if you want to know or ask me or better yet buy this 368 page 500+ illustrations book and read all about it.

“Drawing Inspiration” book is out and I’m in it!

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