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Dog and a Chair Further Development

By Ainescannell @etchedweb
I think I have posted this image on here previously - having worked on it further I had to conclude that maybe i should have left it as it was ..............  here are some images of the progress (as such!)
Dog and a Chair further developmentI  think this was how the proof looked after I added some Lascaux, acrylic hard ground so as to superimpose the figurative element which you see on the left.  I made sure I thoroughly degreased the plate before applying the acrylic - otherwise as I now from experience it WILL not 'adhere' to the plate surface.  After it dried I scribed into it to delineate the face and so forth...........
Dog and a Chair further developmentThis shows the scanned proof of the plate with the dog n chair onto which I tried a few drawings I had on my files using Photoshop - I decided this 'skiing angel' as I refer to it, would look best.
Dog and a Chair further developmentI amended the proof )the first one visible in this post) and then endeavored to delineate it more strongly by scratching into the metal, with the drypoint too..
Dog and a Chair further developmentHere's the plate - onto which I added the Lascaux acrylic hard ground, you can see where I scratched into it, once it was dry.
Dog and a Chair further developmentThis is a proof with the mouth area scratched dark but I decided I didn't like that after all, so its as seen in the first image above.  The amount of proofs I took of this little monkey is out of all proportion to the importance of this( just as a print )  but ho know what it is like when you get a 'bee in your bonnet' about "fixing"' a print you just ain't happy with.!!

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