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Do You Think a Mom Should Put Her Own Needs Last?

By Rachel

Do you think a mom should put her own needs last?Yoga parent: Self Centered Parenting is Progressive and Productive
I believe this is an out-dated philosophy. My mother modeled this self-defeating philosophy that had GOOD INTENTION written all over it. She put others’ needs before her own. She still believes that taking care of others is more important than taking care of her own body. Society has reinforced her belief… 
She took the phrase, “a mother’s place is at the center of family,” literally. So, she put needs of her children and needs of her spouse before her own.
An overwhelming feeling of guilt pervaded my body, if I concentrated on my own needs. Now, I am retraining my mind to recognize that being self-centered is a necessary good. When I focus on my needs as an individual, then my cup runs over. My joy is plentiful.
I enjoy pleasing, helping and empowering others to achieve. I am doing a better job, now that I am considering my well-being. When I look at my being as a thriving body with needs: physical, emotional and spiritual, then I see how I am evolving and becoming a complete and happy person. This self-centered approach to healthy living has allowed me to be a better parent. I am eager to share my abundant love for life.
Learning to be self-reliant and listening to my gut has made a huge impact… Have you ever felt depleted or “put-upon” by family or friends? Do you consider what you need as a parent/person? Please, comment

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