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DIY ✄ Studded Beanie

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx

studded beanie

If you all have taken the minute to watch our latest YouTube viddy (it’s a good one) you’ll see we utilized studs. If you know anything about me, you may know I either buy the wrong thing / too little of something / or way too much of something. So to say we had some studs left over from our project would be the understatement of the year. Studs for dayzzzz.

Considering I had enough studs to satisfy a 90′s punk rocker for life, I decided to get weird with them. I have been on a serious beanie kick lately, and figured I could stud a couple of them up cause… why not? Easy breezy, and so cute. Win.

studded beanie

( what you need: beanie(s), studs, screw driver )

studded beanie

( conical studs were our stud of choice, but do what you want )

studded beanie

( place your studs where you think you want ‘em )

studded beanie

( push them through, and use a screw driver to bend the prongs close. Unless you want your fingers to hurt like a you-know-what for days )

studded beanie

( BOOM! Obsessed )


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