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Diy Stamping Earrings

By Elliefrost @adikt_blog

20121108 vcm 125close DIY STAMPING EARRINGS

Still inspired by the baroque trend (I promise, next week I’ll do something else) I made these DIY stamping earrings a while ago and thought I’d share the DIY with you. It’s so easy and really only takes 10 minutes, bar the sourcing. Stampings are a great way of adding a little va-va-voom to bracelets necklaces and lots of other accessories, plus if you want to use them when making earrings they are very light so they don’t pull down on your ear.

The how to…

stamplingdiy1web DIY STAMPING EARRINGS

1. You will need: 2 stampings, 20 cm of chain, ear wire, 4 jump rings. Cutters and pliers. Optional : superglue. 2. Cut two pieces of chain of the same length at about 8 cm depending on where you would like the earrings to hang.

stamplingdiy3web DIY STAMPING EARRINGS

3.  With the pliers connect each end of each chain to the corner of each stamping.4. Hook the chain onto the earwire at the middle. Optionally, to secure the chain onto the earwire, use a drop of superglue.


Voilà! I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday evening!



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