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Disagreeing on Your Parenting Approach

By Slattenk
Couples rarely talk about how they plan to approach parenting before they have children. They may not even realize they have very different opinions on how to raise their children until certain situations make it obvious. These differences can cause serious marital stress.
By default, most people parent their children the way they were parented. Given each partner was raised in a different family, there will naturally be differences in their parenting approaches.
Taking a parenting class together or reading a parenting book can provide a basis for discussing various parenting topics. My husband and I benefited greatly from taking a parenting class together and discussing what we were learning.
You and your spouse/partner can now take an online parenting class from the comfort of your own home for just $59:
It’s a great investment in both your relationship with your children and with each other!
Disagreeing on Your Parenting Approach

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