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Dickies Natural Elements Medical Scrubs: The Eco-Friendly Scrub

Posted on the 25 May 2011 by Alison_wood @midnight_eden

The Green Revolution is slowly affecting more and more aspects of our lives, from household cleaning agents to the way we build and design our homes. An area that has not yet been included is that of clothing. Dickies, a well-known manufacturer of uniforms and medical scrubs, is leading the way by developing a new line of medical scrubs that are fashionable and eco-friendly.

Medical scrubs have come a long way in the past few years, with new and innovative concepts in design, colors, fabrics, and more. The production of a scrub requires much thought, requiring fabrics and styles that are comfortable for long shifts, colors that are allowed by groups, easy to wash scrubs, and fashion-friendly designs. Dickies scrubs have long been respected as affordable, functional, and fashionable. Their new line of eco-friendly scrubs, dubbed Natural Elements, is just making its debut this spring.

The scrubs are made of a fabric that is fifty-five percent tencel and forty-five percent polyester. The tencel is derived from a wood pulp, allowing the medical scrubs to be made responsibly from renewable resources. While they are kind to the environment, Natural Elements scrubs are also kind to the wearer in all areas. The tencel is moisture wicking, allowing a fresh feeling throughout a nurse’s shift. The scrubs are available in a variety of colors, styles, and prints, to fit any style preference. The breezy summer colors include icy turquoise, sage green, the conventional black and brown, and more. The printed scrubs are nature-based, with flowers, grasses, and other designs that bring a touch of organic nature to the office.

Styles include mock wrap tops, keyhole necks, and v-neck tops. A thoughtful detail on the Natural Elements scrubs by Dickies is the hand carved coconut buttons that grace many of the medical scrubs, as well as contrast color trimming. The scrubs cater to all shapes and sizes, with sizes XS to 5X. Although they have a missy cut, the fashion-forward style of Natural Elements scrubs are purchased by those looking for Junior styling, too. Although they are specialty products, the scrubs retain Dickies’ signature affordable pricing.

Although tencel fabric is making its debut in medical scrubs, it may soon make an appearance in all manner of apparel. Eco-friendly clothing can have an enormous effect on the environment, for clothing is a necessity, and is produced in such abundance. Nurses are only the first to receive the opportunity to purchase stylish scrubs while making a difference. When purchasing new medical scrubs, nurses may look out for factors that are important to them, be it style, color, cut, fabric, or any other of a variety of features on a medical scrub. Now there is something new to remember; Natural Elements scrubs are friendly to the wearer, and the world around them.

Josh Weiss is a medical scrubs consultant who is always in on the latest styles and innovations in the medical scrubs industry. He recommends Dickies scrubs for an affordable and durable option.

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