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Developments and Hurdles!

By Bakerquigs @bakerquigs
Developments and Hurdles!Developments and Hurdles!Developments and Hurdles!Since joining the Family Cake company team a month ago everyone has been a buzz with the excitement of an extra pair of hands on deck. A small and hearty team my addition has seen us gathering over way to many lasagna lunches to rethink, revamp and rejuvenate our delicious product line! This week the fruits of our chats really came into there own as our new butter cream was put into action and Vincenzo re jigged our signature cake above!We took a look at additions to our cupcake line and this was truly a joy to research. Not only did I spend many an evening become increasingly hungry trawling the web looking at the deliciousness that is already out there. I noted some truly inspirational cupcakes available at the moment and then got to try some on a 'research' trip with our head chef Vincenzo! I made myself truly sick with sugar and manged to cover myself in cocoa like a child at an upmarket baker's in Islington, classy!
But is was well worth it. Below are some experiments we tried out but there is so much more to come.Developments and Hurdles! Developments and Hurdles!I got busy looking for some new packaging and delighted upon finding such thing as a cupcake handbag; coming soon to our Eataly restaurant its the perfect way to present a cupcake as a gift to a friend. I've been loving the variety of my job from admin to tying bows and the creativity of getting into the kitchen to bake new things has seen this month fly by in a glittery sugar haze.I really have found the dream job.Developments and Hurdles! Anna's Developments and Hurdles!delicious marzipan characters are already available on our website and make great additions to home baking we already have a wide range available but we are looking into packaging for even more so you can buy your cake toppers straight from us such things as 18s, 21st and so on . I'd like to start making your requests and see if we can rise to your challenges, have you any crazy ideas or images you would like to see us recreate in cake or marzipan form get in touch.Here's some of what Anna has been making this week.Developments and Hurdles!
Developments and Hurdles!Nicola and Hurdles!

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