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Dental Tourism in India – Smile Your Way to Glory!!!

By Theotherhome @theotherhome

Dental TourismIndia has always been on the forefront welcoming tourists from across the globe to enjoy the scintillating tourist voyages offered by the country. In the course, the country has earned many epithets like that of ‘the abode of spiritual enlightenment’ and ‘land of mysteries and untold tales’. From being a mythical land that interested the brave and the adventurous, India has come a long way taking newer paths and adorning itself with newer titles. So, if i say that India is the new hotspot for medical tourism, don’t be alarmed.

Medical tourism in India has risen from an industry averaging US$310 million a year to a whopping US$2 billion extravaganza. The reasons are obvious. A cardiac surgery that costs around (US$30,200) Rs.1.36 million in the United States, costs just Rs. 360,000 (US$8,000) in India. Inspite of the higher expense, the waiting period in the United States would be around a year for a cardiac surgery and two years for a knee surgery. The same in India can be done immediately relieving the patient of the pain. These USPs have definitely got the NRIs and foreigners coming to India for medical treatments.

Dental Tourism
Delhi, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Bombay, Ahmadabad and various other states in northern India have excellent facilities for the patients who come to India seeking medical attention. Most of these hospitals arrange for the picking up and stay for the patients along with fixing appointments for them with the best doctors. The idea is based more on having a medical vacation experience that can soothe the patient both physically and emotionally. The experience is meant to be for rejuvenation as well as serving the purpose of curing your ailment.

Dental tourism has sure found its place in India with majority of the foreigners coming to India for dental procedures as well as cosmetic surgery. An alarming fact is that only a very few percentage of Americans are equipped with dental insurance and for those who have health insurances, the dental procedures are not covered in it. Hence they come to India where the cost of the treatment is almost one third of that in the United States. For example, a root canal treatment in the States would cost around (US$ 530) Rs. 24,000 while the same in India will come only to (US$ 155) Rs. 7,000.

The packages offered by the major medical companies in India investing in dental procedures are many. There is the teeth whitening, dental implants, metal free bridges, porcelain crowns, tooth cleaning, root canal treatments, tooth composite fillings and even smile designing.

Dental Treatment
There are also gum treatments, maxillary surgery, tooth contouring and reshaping, palatal orthodontics and fluoride treatments for children. The cosmetic dentistry involves dental bonding, dental veneers, cosmetic contouring which is done to straighten the contour teeth, gum contouring that corrects uneven gums, gum re-pigmentations that adds color to those that have lost it and much more procedures that are developing with the advancement of technology. Ultimately what is offered along with the dental procedure is a tour of the country showcasing the rich culture and heritage of India. So I guess sometimes it’s not just about your tooth.

If you want to know how to save money while coming for a holiday, then you should come to Jaipur. Foreigners, who visited the city, were impressed with the dental treatments done in the city and hence started coming more and more. Thus, Jaipur city that initially had fewer dental clinics, started building more and more keeping in the mind the flow of patients from across the border. More and more medical teams came up with tourism packages for the patients that helped them spend a nice time while having their sittings done at the clinic. Thus the pink city has established itself as a hub of dental tourism in the country.

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Thank you for sharing this post about the dentistry for teeth whitening, this is a big help for me and to the others as well on how the proper teeth care should be. Thanks again!

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Interesting! Your post is pretty useful for the dental community. Thanks for taking the time and effort.